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Big Pub Quiz Events

The big pub quiz is a fun and light hearted quiz event played usually as teams or tables. With 60 quiz questions on various topics including a picture quiz round and music round with name the artist and title.

Perfect as an after conference event, after dinner or social event. The big pub quiz is carefully designed to ensure there are questions for all ages and abilities and we can also incorporate a company based round with quiz questions relating to your business, conference, staff or clients.

Everything is supplied including big pub quiz themed banners, quizmasters bar from which proceedings are run, big pub quiz host, PA system, answer sheets and even pens!

We can also run our quizzes using our Qwizdom keypad remote answer system.

Why not combine it with our pub games package and make an evening of pub themed entertainment 'the local' with games such as table football, darts and pool.

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Big Pub Quiz Specification

Suitable for indoor or marquee use only

Suitable for use by both children and adults aged 16+

Caters for 10 - 300 people

Requires 13amp 240V power supply

Operational area required 6'w X 6'd X 7'h

(excluding space for tables)

Qwizdom keypad