Bouncy Castles & Inflatables

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Bouncy Castles & Inflatables

We have access to the very best in the world of bouncy castles and inflatables and our pictures show a very small selection of what is available

Inflatables are available for all ages and each has a ‘height restriction’. All inflatables need to be set up on grass or indoors (if accessible). It is possible to set up on hard surfaces but there are very special requirements.

We do offer ‘dry hire’ on most inflatables but please be aware that you will require your own Public Liability Insurance to cover your supervisors against any negligence resulting in injury. You will also be responsible for the security of all equipment for the duration of the hire to you.

All equipment come with ‘Operating Instructions’ and these will be explained at the time of booking and delivery


Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

Suitable for use by both children and adults aged 16+

Requires 13amp 240V power supply

Operational area required depends on unit

Small selection from over 100 inflatables available