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Rock And Roll Bingo Events

The latest entertainment craze from Big fun UK, Rock and Roll Bingo is played in much the same way as traditional bingo but instead of ticking off numbers on your bingo card your crossing off artists and titles of songs.

Each player is given a unique rock and roll bingo card, on the card is 15 random artists and titles, as the compere plays the clips of music if the song played is on your card you cross it off. It really is that simple, in much the same way as regular bingo we will play for the corners first followed by a full house at which point you would stand up and shout 'rock and roll bingo'

Perfect for corporate events, after dinner, social events or after conference guests are encouraged to join in and sing along with the songs. Guests interact helping their friend or colleagues with song names and titles as they are played. All bingo track clips are professionally prepared and edited.

The event is supplied complete with 4 rock n roll bingo rounds, lively professional compere / host, room lighting to add to the atmosphere, Pa System and branded podium & banners. All you supply is the players and prizes. A guaranteed hit for your next event!

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Rock And Roll Bingo Specification

Suitable for indoor or marquee use only

Suitable for use by both children and adults aged 16+

Caters for 10 - 500 people

Requires 13amp 240V power supply

Operational area required 6'w X 6'd X 7'h

(excluding space for tables)

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